Abubukaka Cultural center - Despertar, solo exhibition. February 2021, Tenerife (Spain).


Fotonoviembre - Atlántica Colectivas, group exhibition. December 2019, Tenerife (Spain).

Space Place Russia - Roads, solo exhibition. May 2018, Nizhny Tagil (Russia).

Imagenation Paris - Ethereal, group exhibition. May 2018, Paris (France).

Modern Blocks, group exhibition. March 2018, Brussels (Belgium).



I am a self taught photographer based in Canary Islands (Spain). I began this journey in 2015, while I was living in Barcelona, I bought my first camera and it became a great way to understand myself and the world surrounding me, a tool that allows me to take an emotion and make it into something visual; sometimes through an unconscious creative process, sometimes from experimentation and sometimes from a previous concept or idea, but either way I always like to keep some room for the intuitiveness and improvisation. Retouching and photo manipulation are also an important part of my creative process.

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