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Taysa Jorge is a self-taught Spanish visual artist based in the Canary Islands. She discovered photography in 2015, as a means of artistic expression, after dedicating to dance for several years.


The connection between nature and human being is one of Taysa’s biggest interests. “I don't want to create fantasy or dream worlds, but to make ordinary things look in unusual ways, finding mysteries in everyday things.”

She work in a very intuitive way, starting from observation, photographying things that appael interesting or liking to her, is while using Photoshop in post production when usually the ideas come up and concepts take life, manipulation takes an important part in her creative process where she can mix different mediums.

This process allows her to understand herself and the world surrounding her, and making connections between personal experiences from her psychological and spiritual to the daily life that she transform into visuals, as she describes “it feels like taking an emotion and making it into something visual, many times revealing me things, in a philosophical context, about me and life that I wasn't even aware.”


The Raw Draw Gallery - Black Box NFT Art Festival x Obscura, group exhibition. April 2023, New York (US).

Comp Stomp Studios - The Feeling of Yesterday, group exhibition. April 2023, New York (US).

SHILLR Van. December 2022, Miami (US).

Comp Stomp Studios - Feeling Blue, group exhibition. June 2022, New York (US).

Permissionless - NFT Gallery by Blockworks and OpenSea, group exhibition. May 2022, Palm Beach FL (US).

Abubukaka Cultural center - Despertar, solo exhibition. February 2021, Tenerife (Spain).


Fotonoviembre - Atlántica Colectivas, group exhibition. December 2019, Tenerife (Spain).

Space Place Russia - Roads, solo exhibition. May 2018, Nizhny Tagil (Russia).

Imagenation Paris - Ethereal, group exhibition. May 2018, Paris (France).

Modern Blocks, group exhibition. March 2018, Brussels (Belgium).

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