Printed on hahnemühle cotton paper.


Limited edition of 100, signed on the back.

A certificate of authenticity is also provided with the purchase.


Worlwide shipping.


Please allow from 1 to 3 weeks for delivering.


If you need more information, contact me at taysajorge.ph@gmail.com




Consciousness series is about something that can be felt everywhere, it can be called God, higher intelligence, cosmic consciousness, universe, the ways to referring to that feeling that there's something beyond what our sight can perceive are multiple. A feeling that makes you feel connected to everything, that makes you feel everything is the same thing, mostly when you are in nature, when you watch a sunset, when you watch a sky full of stars and you wonder who I am? Why am I here? What's all this? And at the same time you feel a inner peace that makes you realize that maybe inside of you, you already know.
I wanted to represent it as a "visual presence" and intuitively came up those light balls which I’d been using in other works from some time now. 

I personally don’t like to call it God because I think this word is very associated with christianism and I don't want to referr to any religion. Instead, I'm more familiar with mindfulness, meditation and spirituality and that's what I wanted to transmit.


Thank you!!

Consciousness series

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