Printed in Photo Luster 260gsm FineArt paper.


Open edition, signed on the back.

A certificate of authenticity is also provided with the purchase.


Worlwide shipping.


The 70% of this print sale 

will be destined for an animal 

sanctuary of your choice.

The other 30% will be destined 

for the expenses related to the

production and shipping.



I'd love to say that I get to take this photograph to a horse that was living in freedom but the true is that it was standing on a grass tied with a leash I don't know for how many hours. I don't know why they're useful for this kind of harvested fields but it's common to see these horse in these fields/grass for I don't know how many hours, maybe the whole day.

I'm against animal explotation and it wouldn't be accorded to my values if I took a photograph and earn money from the suffering of an animal - *Clarification: at least not my style of photography which is not documentary for example but artistic - 

So I thought I still could make an artistic recreation with the purpose to make it look closer to its true self, a loving pure magical creature and helping other animals with the sales.


How does it work?

You make the order specifying, in addition to your

address, the website of the animal 

sanctuary which must accept online donations. 

Once I receive the payment I’ll make the donation

and you’ll receive the print, a certificate of 

authenticity, an invoice and a receipt of the 

donation which as I mentioned is the 

70% of the sale.



Please allow from 1 to 3 weeks for delivering.


If you need more information, contact me at taysajorge.ph@gmail.com


Thank you!!

Animal Sanctuary Donation


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